National Apprenticeship Training Scheme


The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme in India is a one year programme equipping technically qualified youth with practical knowledge and skills required in their field of work. The Apprentices are imparted training by the organizations at their place of work. Trained Managers with well developed training modules ensure that Apprentices learn the job quickly and competently. During the period of apprenticeship, the apprentices are paid a stipend amount, 50% of which is reimbursable to the employer from Government of India. At the end of the training period the apprentices are issued a Certificate of Proficiency by Government of India which can be registered at all employment exchanges across India as valid employment experience. The apprentices are placed for training at Central, State and Private organizations which have excellent training facilities. National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Government of India for Skilling Indian Youth.

Why we do it?

Apprenticeship is a time-tested way of learning a craft or trade under a Master Craftsman through the ages. Apprenticeship Training Scheme is a scheme where young, technically qualified people undergo training under a Master Trainer to become equipped for jobs in the Modern Scenario. It has the double benefit of earning while learning. Apprenticeship is an agreement between a person (an apprentice) who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker. The Apprentices are taught the latest applications, processes and methodologies in their respective fields of work from some of the most renowned organisations in India. This also acts as a transition phase for a school/college student from classroom to a working background. The apprentice also learns soft skills, work culture, ethics and organisational behaviour while undergoing training. This goes a long way in helping him/ her secure permanent employment in the future. At the end of one year training they are issued a Certificate attesting to their training and proficiency in a particular field. This serves as an experience certificate when they seek employment after their training.

Students – Why NATS?

National Apprenticeship Training Scheme offers an opportunity for students to get trained in some of the best organizations in the Central, State and Private Sector. Students who have passed engineering, diploma in engineering qualification can apply for Apprenticeship Training after enrolling themselves with the NATS web Portal. There are 126 subject fields for graduate / diploma students for which training is provided. The period of training is one year. Stipend is paid during the training period, 50% of which is reimbursed to the employer by Government of India. Students can register for apprenticeship training through the NATS web portal. Students are advised to attend the Apprenticeship Fairs that are held periodically to get selected for training. Selection of apprentices for apprenticeship training is the employer’s prerogative..

Industries – Why NATS?

The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme, a flagship programme from Government of India aims at skilling India to meet future requirements. This scheme bridges the gap existing in the market place, between the employer’s requirement in an employee and the talent pool of students available in the market. It allows the organisations to recruit raw, technically qualified candidates, train them for one year with subsidy from Government of India and absorb them on regular roles if the need arises. The apprentices are governed solely by the Apprentices Act 1961. The organisation engaging apprentices should posses the requisite infrastructure and trained managers to impart training to the apprentices. The National Apprenticeship Scheme thus helps in building a steady pool of talent, which is industry ready; to meet the Human Resources needs of an organisation, at an optimum cost. Selection of apprentices is solely the prerogative of the employer.

Institutions – Why NATS?

The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme helps technical institutions in placing students, passing out of their campuses, in leading organisations for Apprenticeship Training. Central, State and Private organisations engage candidates for Apprenticeship Training. Institutions interested in availing the benefits of this scheme should register themselves with the NATS Web Portal. Institutions traditionally located in districts / taluks, where industrial clusters are lacking face difficulties in placing their students. This Scheme helps these institutions to get better access for opportunities to their students, currently available to urban candidates. Tie up with Boards of Apprenticeship Training/ Board of Practical Training, exposes institutions to the current market expectations from industries, which help them tailor their curriculum and training programmes to suit the present scenario.