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About Us

The Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI) was founded in 1978 and registered under the Land Perpetual Succession Act as a non – profit making and non – governmental organization. It has a National Secretariat, branches in all the states of the federation and the Abuja and Local Government Areas.

The mission statement of NASSI is to create wealth through the industry in an environment-friendly manner for self, the Nigerian workers and the Nation.

The aims and objective of the Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists are:

  1. To establish and maintain an association for the exchange of ideas and techniques on issues relevant to the development of Small Scale Industries.
  2. To establish contact with the government, its institutions and other non-governmental organizations for the advancement and promotion of the small industries.
  3. To contact, consult, confer and cooperate with foreign agencies, institutions and organizations within and outside Nigeria for the purpose of enhancing the growth and development of small scale industries in Nigeria.
  4. To develop a computer-based information and documentation centre for accessing reliable economic date for the overall development of the small scale industries.
  5. To source, provide and facilitate credit delivery to small scale industries as well as offer library services for SMEs.