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The association’s membership is open to all small businesses operating in Nigeria whose capital investment falls within the definition of the small-scale industry, as the government may review from time to time.

The association admits manufacturing, processing, mining and services businesses. NASSI has a women’s development department and has placed a high premium on encouraging women entrepreneurship for their special needs apart from being well represented in the association’s Executive Council.

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The Benefits of Being Members Include

  • Access to low-interest Funding/Loan through our cooperative, micro-credit company and other sources.
  • Access to microfinance.
  • Capacity building through Training, Seminars, and Workshops within and outside the country.
  • Participation at Trade Fairs/Exhibitions.
  • Promoting access to real and virtual markets.
  • Access to business information.
  • Collaborations and partnerships for business growth.
  • Promoting linkages and providing platforms for business networking within and outside the country.
  • Interactions within your sectoral grouping and corporate organizations.
  • Advocacy with government at all levels for SMEs friendly policies.
  • Promoting clustering and cluster development.
  • Resolution of issues on taxes and multiple taxations, etc.