Advocacy and Campaign

Access to Finance: One of the primary challenges faced by small-scale industrialists is limited access to finance. Our Advocacy efforts focus on promoting policies that encourage financial institutions to provide tailored financial products, such as microloans and low-interest credit, to small-scale industries. Additionally, NASSI advocate for the establishment of specialized funds and venture capital initiatives can support their expansion and innovation.

Skill Development and Training: NASSI Advocacy emphasize the importance of skill development and training programs specifically designed for small-scale industrialists. By collaborating with government agencies, educational institutions, and industry associations, we promote the creation of vocational training centers and capacity-building initiatives. This will equip entrepreneurs with the necessary technical and managerial skills to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Infrastructure Development: Lack of adequate infrastructure, including reliable power supply, transportation networks, and access to industrial parks, hampers the growth of small-scale industries. NASSI focus on urging the government to prioritize infrastructure development in industrial zones, ensuring the availability of affordable and reliable utilities. This will create an enabling environment for small-scale industrialists to thrive and expand their operations.

Simplified Regulatory Processes: Cumbersome and complex regulatory processes pose significant challenges for small-scale industrialists. NASSI helps to streamline and simplify these processes, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring transparency. Encouraging the use of technology and digital platforms for regulatory compliance can improve efficiency and reduce administrative burdens for entrepreneurs.

Market Access and Promotion: Small-scale industrialists often struggle to access larger markets due to limited resources and inadequate market information. NASSI Advocacy include initiatives to promote market linkages, both domestically and internationally. This is achieved through trade fairs, exhibitions, and networking events, as well as by facilitating partnerships with larger industries and fostering collaboration between small-scale industrialists themselves.

Access to Technology and Innovation Support: NASSI provide small-scale industrialists with access to technology and innovation support. This can include initiatives such as establishing technology hubs, incubators, and innovation centers that offer resources like mentorship, research and development support, and access to advanced manufacturing technologies. Promoting collaborations between small-scale industries and research institutions can also facilitate knowledge exchange and promote innovation-driven growth.